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Smiley Budget Tracker helps you manage your finances, track income and expenses, plan budgets, and ensure your finances are controlled and keep them that way.
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Smiley Budget & Money Manager (Finance Assist)

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How SmileyBudget works

A complete solution for personal finance manager

Track expenses, income in seconds

With just a few taps on the screen, you can record daily transactions and categorize them for easy viewing: Food, Travel, Salary, Gift, Salary... Additionally, you can create templates for regular transactions so that you can start recording instantly.
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Tracking Plan Payment

Manage All Your Bill, Recurring Transactions, Subscription

Set up recurring or one-time expenses/income and be reminded before they are due. You will never forget paying off a bill again
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Control Cost

Create budgets for the spending you want to control with one-time or recurring budgets. You can combine any number of categories and wallets you want and monitor your results every day. By analyzing how much you've spent, you can cut back on unnecessary expenses and plan for the future.
Budget Manager
Money flow charts

Visualize Your Money Flow

Financial overviews and graphs provide clear and easy-to-understand insight into bank accounts, credit and debit cards, debts, and cash.

Share with Your Trusted People

Your financial records can be easily shared with your friends, family, and lovers. Not only can you share records, but you can also create budgets for your family. Your family can also make easy financial decisions by analyzing data in very clear and detailed reports.
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Share Transaction
Set up savings plans

Setting Goals and Saving for Them

Establish a savings goal for your future property and be prepared for it at all times. You will be able to keep all your savings accounts in one place, and interest will be calculated automatically based on your current interest rate
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Sync data everywhere you need it

Financial records are always stored safely and securely in the cloud. Using HappyMoney, you can access your data across multiple devices
Automatically backup and sync data across devices

Loved by users

Great app! This app helped me keep track of my finances and have a realistic view of my earnings and spending habits.

Ruvimbo Delia Hakata

Excellent app with comprehensive features, a modern UI, a pleasant user experience, and ease of use.

Henry Lee

The best income Expense budget app. Love you can create your categories and subcategories. Sync on all your devices, and the lifetime subscription is very comfortable.

Νικος Αγάθος

One of the best applications I've used. It's easy to use and has a lot of features.

Esmail gamil

I find it easy to use. Easy to understand. It is precisely what I want

tinh nguyen

I just downloaded it to try and see many wallets. The interface is less eye-strain, and the premium is also affordable. Try it for one time, and you will buy it forever

Hùng Nguyễn Đình

What Our Users Love

Savings Goals

Meet your financial goals by tracking your savings process.

Planned Payments

Set up your recurring transactions and get notfied before the due date. You will never forget paying off a bill again

Transactions Labeling

Get deeper insights about your transactions with unlimited labels. Use them for events, subcategories, or any other specific needs

Group Sharing

Not only share your transactions, but you can also create budgets for your family and put data in obvious and detailed analysis reports

Debt Tracking

Organize your debts, loans, and payments in one place.

Customized Icons

You can create any icon you want from any image you like.

Why Choose Us?

FeaturesSmiley Budget LogoMoneyLover (Premium)Misa (Premium)
PlatformsiOS, AndroidiOS, Android, WebiOS, Android
In-app purchasesSubscription or Lifetime paymentLifetime paymentOnly Subscription
Number of DevicesUnlimited5Unlimited
Data SharingShare TransactionsShare WalletsShare Wallets
LabelsYou can add up to 5 labels to a transactionOnly 1 label per transactionOnly 1 label per transaction
Travel Mode
Recurring TransactionsRecurring Transaction
Recurring Transfer
Recurring Saving
Recurring TransactionRecurring Transaction
Record TemplateTransaction Template
Transfer Template
Transaction Template
Customized Icons
Global Categories
Multiple Categories Budget
Debt Tracking
Data Import/ExportExport Data to Excel
Import Data from Excel
Export data to Excel or PDF
Investment Portfolio