Create Savings Goals

How to create Savings Goals
December 21, 2022

A savings goal is a plan to save money for a future goal, such as buying a house, car, or trip. By setting a saving goal, you can track how much money you have saved and how much is left to save. You can create a Planned Payment to get notified regularly to help you stay on top of your savings goals.

Create a Savings Goal
Create a Savings Goal

Steps to create a savings plan

1. Create a Savings Goal

2. Add savings to the created goal

3. Set up Recurring Savings or Cumulative Savings to remind you to save regularly.

Create Savings Goals Screen
Create Savings Goals Screen

After filling out all the information, click Save

You can add savings to a goal by selecting the + icon to the right of the goal.

Set up savings plans
Add Savings to a Goal

Or you can choose a goal when you create a savings wallet.

Select a goal when creating the saving wallet
Select a goal when creating the saving wallet

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